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Relationship: Client


Project Date: September 2014


Project Price: $1,000 - $9,999


After doing a ton of research on the different tile makers across the country, I came across Bros Cement Tile. I see they have revamped their site a bit, but initially it was very bare bones. Don't be deterred by some of the erroneous grammar on the website - these guys are the REAL DEAL. I had the opportunity to visit their shop and was amazed at their craftsmanship and the fact that, not only did they make all the tiles themselves by hand, but they also made the machines that made the tiles! What I initially liked was the fact that they were local (near NYC) and I did not have to worry about the cost of shipping heavy tiles across the country. But after seeing their shop and how they worked, I was even more impressed. They had many samples on site that helped guide my own creation, they were amenable to my color selection and worked with me on the design. Once I told them the colors I wanted, they made me a personal sample on site and we could tweak it a bit right there, but I also had the opportunity to take it home, mull it over, and change my mind (which I did, just a bit). The tiles look gorgeous. Even those who were skeptical* said my home looked like a vacation home once the tiles were down (*the skepticism came from the fact that tiles do not remain pristine, you must be willing to have some "patina" once the tiles have been down for a while). The tiles are one of my favorite things about the house.

Christina Clum

Quotes Brothers Cement Tile Corp. did a great job with my bathroom and kitchen floors. They have a great selection of beautiful designs and they are patient during the selection process. Installation was smooth, on time and quick. These Cuban brothers are professionals craftsmen who really know what they are doing. Their final product is truly impressive. We are very happy they made us the high-quality floors we fell in love with in Habana and Barcelona. Quotes
Felix Esquivel
Habana floors in Brooklyn

Quotes I hired these gentleman a year or so ago to create a batch of cement tiles with a custom color combination that I provided to them. They were able to match the samples very closely and the tiles look great. They were even willing to visit my job site a year later to correct a problem that my remodeling contractor made during the install. Next time, I'll hire the brothers to do my installation as well! Brothers Cement Tile also manufacture all of their products right inside their shop, even using some equipment that they designed and built themselves! In short, these guys are incredibly nice and extremely professional. They really know their trade inside and out. They offered a high quality product at a very reasonable price and went out of their way to help me feel like a valued customer and that my relatively small order was just as valuable as their larger jobs. Give them a try and have them do the installation as well Quotes
Michael Kaplan

Quotes I removed an interior fountain from a 100 year-old Mediterranean home. Brothers cement tile was able to match the gold color of the original cement tiles. They also cut the tiles to size, since I needed something different than the standard 8 x 8 cement tile. They produce the tiles themselves and can customize the colors. I inspected a lot of their product and the quality was good. Nice people, too. I hope to use them soon for a kitchen floor. Quotes
2013 cement tile

Quotes We absolutely love what these guys offer, they are accommodating and patience. And the tiles REALLY are hand made!!!! I love my tiles. November 2014 Quotes
We absolutely love what these guys offer.

Quotes Project Price Range: $1,000 - $9,999 Our encaustic cement tile floor is beautiful! We are so pleased with the quality of the tile and the beauty of the finished product. What's great about this tile is that you can choose your design and your colors. Seniel gave us advice on colors and prepared sample tiles for our approval. He was very responsive to all of our questions. We got a picture of the finished tiles as soon as they were made and then they needed 4 weeks to cure before we picked them up. So glad we chose to go this route with our kitchen floor. Thanks to Brothers Cement for a job well done. Best, Michael Fiore Quotes
Relationship: Client
Project Date: July 2015

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