We began manufacturing cement tile as a family business in Cuba in the year 2002. After arriving to New York in 2008 we opened a Cuban cement tile factory currently located in Mount Vernon NY.

Brothers Cement Tile is a factory with capacity to produce hundreds of tiles a week and deliver them as soon as they are dry and ready to install. Local clients have the opportunity to come to the factory and select the design, the color of their choosing and inquire about installation.

All our cement tile designs are original, the tiles are made by hand from scratch and the machinery used in cement tile manufacturing; including hydraulic presses, rock crushing and pulverizing machines have been built and assembled by us. The entire cement tile manufacturing process is an artistic experience.

Brothers Cement Tile Corp has been creating beautiful custom cement tiles for the people of NYC, NY for more than 5 years. We noticed that many Americans appreciate the wonderful colors and designs that are displayed in Cuban and Moroccan tile work. We wanted to create a business that allowed regular folks to enjoy the stunning quality and craftsmanship of these world-renowned tiles in their own homes—without needing to travel halfway across the world.

Over the past decade we have had tremendous experiences building these unique tiles for our customers. Everyone walks away happy knowing they are getting a product that is exclusively designed for them. Cement tiles provide a sense of style, status, and practicality that you cannot find in other forms of flooring.

We learned our techniques while growing up in Cuba, so you know that buying from us is just as good as shipping the tiles all the way from there. We founded this business because we noticed that there was a demand for these types of tiles, but there are very few local retailers able to supply the demand without ordering directly from Cuba and Morocco. Our goal is to provide the same quality craftsmanship you would find in those countries, but on American soil.

We guarantee we can create an amazing tile for every room! Contact Brothers Cement Tile Corp. – Factory and Store New York, best price.

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