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We are proud to be on the manufacturing front line in the United States making cement tile in our Manhattan factory. All our workers are equipped with face masks that filter cement particles and protected with rubber gloves. The raw material employed in the manufacturing process including pigments and marble dust is highly degradable; the water used in the production of cement tile is recycled several times throughout the day.

Brothers Cement Tile Corp. "CUSTOM  HANDMADE CEMENT TILE "
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There is nothing that adds more character and distinction to a home than a customized interior. Quality home decoration already goes a long way to creating an atmosphere that is uniquely your own, but custom home décor gives your living space a touch of individuality that you cannot find anywhere else. Brothers Cement Tile Corp has provided handmade cement tiles in NYC, NY for years, and we know how to make your personality stand out.

We are one of the best producers and distributors of cement tile slabs in NYC, NY. When you buy a product from us, you know you are getting something that is 100% unique, and you will have all the options you need to customize your home to reflect your personality.

There is nothing more noticeable than a quality cement tile floor. It looks fantastic, conveys status and wealth, and feels good to walk on. There are few facets of home décor that add such a striking and warm feeling to your living space. Whether you are outfitting your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, there is almost no situation where customized cement tiles are a bad idea.

Our shop allows customers to purchase cement tile in a quick and easy way. Our helpful staff are more than happy to guide our customers along the way and make sure they find the handmade cement tiles that are right for them. You will truly be buying a product that no one else has.

When you shop for cement tile at Brothers Cement Tile Corp, you are receiving the highest quality product on the market. We stand by our work 100%, and all of our customers walk away feeling satisfied.

Our line of Cuban cement tile in NYC, NY provides stunning colors and designs that are modeled after the historic buildings in Havana, Cuba. Beautiful Cuban tile is one of the best ways to add a colorful and exotic flair to your home. Brothers Cement Tile Corp offers the very best Cuban cement tile in the region, and all of our work is handmade.

Cuban cement tiles differ from regular tiles in their vivid color schemes and intricate design patterns. This is a style of home décor that is guaranteed to get your guests talking. They contain all of the benefits of regular cement tiles (they are a status symbol, which looks good and feels nice to walk on), but they offer a higher level of prestige and exoticism. There is no better way to give your home a look and feel that reflects your personality and individuality than a unique set of handmade Cuban tiles.

We can provide kitchen tile installation for those that need it. Cuban tiles are the most flexible and popular style of cement tiles in our line. They can be used anywhere: inside, outside, kitchen, bathroom, and in the living room. The floral designs derived from historic Cuban architecture make these one-of-a-kind pieces an exciting addition to any home.

Your home is more than a living space; it is a reflection of your and your family’s personality. It is important that your home feels like it was designed with you in mind, and there is no better way to achieve that feeling than with a set of handmade Cuban cement tiles. Come check out Brothers Cement Tile Corp’s Cuban tile showroom to see what we are talking about.

The tile is comprised of three layers:
  1-the grout:  Forms the face of the slab, this is a mix of white cement, marble dust, sand and pigments in a variety     of colors depending on the design; this layer will have a thickness between 1/8 and 3/16 inches,  this thickness   makes it durable
  2- fine or secant:   A mix of fine sand and gray cement
  3-thick or bathing:  Coarse sand for easy adhesion to the cement 

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Remodeling and Home Design

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